When it comes to the latest security updates: Microsoft releases new Windows 7 security update

Microsoft has just released a new security update for Windows 7 that introduces new features, fixes some bugs, and fixes a bug that has been identified in a recent security update.

The new update brings with it the same security updates for all versions of Windows 7.

The Windows 7 version is version 6.1.14299.3.

Microsoft says the update also introduces a new feature to help protect against “remote code execution attacks” and to provide “more secure logging and reporting”.

The new feature, called ActiveX Guard, helps block access to Microsoft websites and applications from malicious programs.

Microsoft says it is currently testing the feature on an unknown number of affected computers.

Microsoft also says that the security update fixes a “known vulnerability in Microsoft Windows that can lead to a remote code execution attack when the user is logged on as a remote administrator”.

It also fixes a known vulnerability in Windows Server 2003. 

Microsoft says that users can install the update through the Windows Update website.

The company is also encouraging users to run the new update on a machine they are currently running the operating system on. 

It’s also not clear when the new Windows security update will be available.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.