Which windows should you avoid when looking through your house window?

A new study by the National Weather Service says some old glass windows need to be put out of their misery.

It suggests people avoid window coverings like window shades, plastic curtains and metal covers, as well as installing blinds to keep out the elements.

The study found that older glass, which is made from reinforced concrete or cement, is more likely to shatter if hit by an object.

It also found that people in the Northeast have the highest percentage of old glass in their homes.

The study said that about 40 percent of those surveyed in that region had a window cover on their front door.

The National Weather System also issued a bulletin warning residents to be on the lookout for glass ornaments, which may break down.

The warning comes a week after the National Institutes of Health issued a statement saying that the “latest research indicates that older, glass-containing materials are at higher risk of breakage and failure.”