Can glass windows float?

The glass you use to protect your windows and doors can actually float.

That’s according to an article by the Boston Globe’s Scott Wollman.

The article notes that some people have experienced the “floating” effect while others have had it happen while sitting in a car.

It’s not uncommon to see glass flying from windows and roofs.

Wollmatt says this phenomenon has become less common over the past few years, but some people are still affected.

“The floating glass windows that are popping up around the country are mostly the result of the way that the glass was manufactured and assembled,” Wollmans article reads.

“It’s been around for decades.

And now, the glass is more susceptible to damage.”

This isn’t the first time the glass has floated in the news.

In January, it was revealed that a glass manufacturer had a similar issue with its glass windows.

The Globe reported that glass window fail was caused by “a faulty, uneven or missing layer of glass.”

A company spokesperson said that “the glass had a crack in the middle and cracked the glass window.”

Glass shatter is common.

The problem isn’t always a result of poor quality glass, but is often caused by an uneven or incorrect glass coating.

Glass shatter can damage or break glass if you hit it with a hammer, and it can also damage the glass’s ability to hold up.

Wojnarowski’s glass window article The Globe article suggests that it’s not just glass that can float, but the glass itself.

Glass has a tendency to move around and become a little less secure, which means that glass will tend to be “floated” around.

This happens in different ways for different types of glass.

The glass is most likely to float if you place it in an open spot or if it’s placed near a window, and if it does get stuck in something.

Wolla says this can be especially troublesome when you’re in the car.

“If you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, you’re putting yourself in an extremely vulnerable position,” he said.

“You’re in a vulnerable position because the glass will try to go around you and slide around your body.”

It’s important to understand that it is possible to make your glass shatter-proof, but Wolla recommends that you first install some sort of shatter-resistant sealant, such as a glass-to-glass sealant.

Woe is the glass that’s floating.

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