How to get a better view from your car window

As a result, some drivers are still left feeling disappointed when their vehicle is seen from a rear view mirror, according to a new survey from consumer advocacy group Consumer Reports.

According to the survey, 71 percent of those surveyed were frustrated by their cars’ rear view mirrors.

The majority of those who complained were also concerned about the quality of the glass.

The survey found that the majority of respondents thought that they had a better overall view of the vehicle with a rear window, with 38 percent of respondents believing their rear view was better than the average rear window.

The survey found 70 percent of drivers believed they could actually see through the glass, with just 16 percent believing they could not.

However, drivers who were also frustrated by the rear view, including those who felt they had an “absolute” view of their vehicle, were more likely to have a rear-view mirror issue.

In addition, drivers that were not bothered by the glass were more concerned about their rear-window mirror, with 57 percent saying it was not an issue, compared to just 24 percent of the drivers who felt their rear windows were good.

The majority of the people surveyed said they didn’t feel they had to worry about having the rear-windows smashed when it comes to their cars.

However, those that were bothered by a rear mirror issue were more than twice as likely to be concerned about damage to their vehicles.

When it comes down to it, a rear front-view camera is only useful when you are in a safe area, according the survey.

While the company recommends people not use the system in front of other vehicles or other people who may be on the other side of the road, if your car is parked or parked on a highway, you should consider putting it on in a parking lot.

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