NFL’s Referee Gets Refereeing Tips From NFL Player

By David Newton | Updated May 08, 2019 08:48:16As part of his role as the NFL’s head referee, Rob Demovsky has spent the last decade in the trenches of the officiating profession.

While he’s been called upon to officiate in more than 1,000 games, his most recent call was for a touchdown pass from Cam Newton to Anquan Boldin that turned out to be overturned by the officials on the field.

It wasn’t the first time Demovsky got called upon.

In 2014, he also made a stop on a deflated football.

In his current role, Demovsky is the only person who can review the plays, as well as the players who are deemed ineligible for the play.

Demovsky oversees the referees’ call of whether or not a player will be tackled or flagged, as it relates to penalties, defensive pass interference and other violations.

The refs have an in-house video review system that allows them to review the calls of the referees who review plays.

It’s a unique system that requires a physical altercation to get the review done, and that’s where Demovsky excels.

“I’ve been able to review plays that I normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to,” Demovsky said.

“I’m just looking forward to it and I’m enjoying it.

It definitely helps me in my job.

It’s a different position for me to be in than when I was a college coach, because I’m not a defensive guy.”

The New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez, who has had his share of questionable calls, is another example of Demovsky’s ability to review and evaluate plays.

But unlike Sanchez, Demovks’ role has not changed since his time in college, and he’s used to the challenge of making calls that he can’t repeat.

“You’re always going to have to give it your all,” Demovski said.