Solar glass windows may help reduce carbon dioxide emissions

The technology has a bright, bright future but the solar glass window is a real eye-opener, says the CEO of the Australian-based Solar Glass Research Group.

He is the author of a new study that shows that installing solar glass in homes with solar panels reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the homes.

“We’ve had this debate over the years and it’s a little bit of a heated debate about solar glass, but it’s an important technology,” Professor Richard Kavanagh said.

Dr Kavanah said the research found that solar glass installed in homes that have a roof with solar panel would reduce carbon emissions by more than 50 per cent.

In a study published in the journal Energy Research Letters, Professor Kavanahu found that a standard-size solar glass roof is more than enough to reduce emissions by 50 per per cent when installed on a typical household.

But he says that the best way to reduce the carbon emissions of a house is to install solar panels in the roof.

Solar glass windows are small, thin and highly reflective and have a bright and clear glass that can absorb heat, and absorb sunlight.

Professor Kavanakh said the material could help reduce emissions from the manufacture of products that require energy.

His study, published in Energy Research, found that installing a solar glass panel in a typical home reduced the amount by 25 per cent compared to a standard solar glass structure.

The researchers found that the cost of solar glass was cheaper than the cost to install the panels.

Mr Kavanahan said solar glass could also be used for the construction of buildings that would not require energy-intensive energy generation.

This type of solar panel, or solar glass that has been made from a type of material called silicon-dioxide, is being developed by a few companies, such as Solaris and SolarWorld, he said.

Solar glass panels are currently being installed in about 20,000 Australian homes.

Professor Kavagah said there were about 500,000 people in Australia without a home with solar glass.

Many of these people have a very low income.

When people have solar glass panels installed they use it for their energy and for the roof, but they don’t realise that they’re contributing to greenhouse gases and also the carbon that’s being emitted.

If the roof had a solar panel they would be getting some sort of benefit, he added.

A typical household in Australia emits around 500 kilograms of carbon a year, or 1,400 tonnes of CO2, he explained.

And a solar-powered home emits around 800 kilograms of CO02, or 2,500 tonnes.

These emissions are a significant contributor to climate change, he warned.

What is solar glass?

Solar glass is made from silicon-oxide.

It absorbs light, which is emitted by sunlight, and reflects it back to a glass surface, or glass window.

There are two types of solar-glass: a light-reflecting type and a dark-reflective type.

The type of glass you use will affect how much sunlight you can see through it, and what kind of light you can’t.

Professor John Flemming, from the Institute of Sustainable Energy, University of Queensland, said solar- glass has the potential to help address Australia’s energy challenges.

We are looking at solar glass to provide a much more cost-effective way of delivering the energy that’s needed to provide the energy for Australia’s population and for our economy, he told,au.

“[We need] more energy-efficient technologies, such that people can do their work, their housework, their gardening and their washing and so on, and that is what is solar-solar glass,” he said, adding that solar–glass could also help reduce Australia’s emissions from electricity generation.

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