The glass window at the end of a driveway in the Brisbane CBD will be removed and replaced with a glass pane

The glass pane at the edge of a Brisbane home has been removed after an owner noticed it was not in working order.

Key points:Owner found it was missing the frame on the home in the area of a road near Caulfield Street and Stoney CrescentThe owner contacted the Brisbane City Council and was told it would cost about $1,500 to replace the paneOwner of the home told the ABC it was one of a number of properties in the vicinity of the road where there had been glass pane breachesThe Brisbane City council has received the report and is expected to make a decision within a week.

A council spokeswoman said the pane was removed and the remaining glass windows will be replaced by a glass wall and a reinforced steel pane.

She said the cost of the repairs would be about $2,000.

She also said the owner of the house had contacted the council and was given an estimate of the cost.

“We have provided the council with a report and they will be making a determination on the cost later this week,” she said.

“It’s a decision that the council will make as to whether it is appropriate to continue to provide the services.”

The council spokeswoman did not know how long the pane had been missing, nor how long it would take to replace it.

“This is an ongoing process and will be determined at a later date,” she told the BBC.