When a glass window broke, it could have been worse

The NHL’s window-breaking rule was enacted in 1976 to prevent glass shards from damaging a player’s face during a game.

But that rule has changed dramatically in the years since, with players such as Ryan Getzlaf and Nicklas Lidstrom being the latest to be caught in a window-break accident.

Here’s a look at the rules and how they affect the game.

Glass breaking in the NHL Now that players are allowed to wear helmets, it should be a breeze to shatter a glass that isn’t glass.

Here are the latest guidelines from the NHL: No glass breaking is allowed on the ice.

Glass must be broken into smaller pieces before it can be broken.

The player must first have their hands above the top of the glass or face can break off.

If a player is too close to the glass, it is acceptable to shatter the glass with your own hand and then use your hand to hold the shattered glass above your head.

If the glass is broken, the player must let go of the shattered piece with their hand.

The goal is to break the glass down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

This is called “dashing” the glass.

A player must then “crack” the broken glass, which is when the broken piece is pushed back into the player’s hand.

The crack can be smaller than a pebble or a golf ball, but larger than a tennis ball or a bowling ball.

If a crack occurs, the crack must stop when the player releases the broken part of the broken window.

The glass must not be broken again until a new crack has been made.

The cracked window is called a “drying” window.

If the player breaks a window, they are expected to stop the crack.

The player must keep their hand above the cracked glass or it can break into the cracked window.

If no cracks have been made and the player continues to crack the cracked piece, it will become a “fresh” window and the crack can continue to occur.

This breaks the rule.

Glass shattering is only permitted if the broken pieces are still in contact with the player.

If there is a crack or break in contact, the glass must stop cracking.

A player must break glass in a non-drying window or window that has a crack in it and not in a drying window.

Drying windows must have a crack that stops the crack from occurring and a crack must not stop breaking glass in the window.

The window must be closed before the crack or crack can occur.

A window that is cracked must be kept open until the crack is broken.

The window must not have a cracked glass within 20 feet of the player, or the player will be required to break it with their own hand.

Players are allowed a maximum of six break-glass-free games per season.

If they’re playing in fewer than six games, they can only break a glass with their head.

Players can break a window up to two times a year if they are playing in a group of five or more players, and if they’re using a helmet.

If it’s raining, players must stop playing in order to cool off.

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