When it rains, bubbles rain – and rainbows don’t come much smaller

By Kate Harrison Business Insider It seems as though every time the rain drops, the water is somehow bigger.

And that’s just what happened to a glass window at a Sydney nightclub.

When it rains it rains and bubbles rain, and when it rains they just don’t stop.

Bubbles were a big part of the nightlife scene at the Sydney bar on Sunday night, and the crowd of 200 people were in for a treat.

After a short but very successful set, a bouncer asked the group to step outside and walk to a separate area for a drink.

“I thought I was going to be one of the guys who got it all done, but then we got hit with a couple of the bouncers,” one of them said.

“The bouncers started cracking up, saying that this glass window was actually a bubble, and that the people who went up there had actually done it, but they were just getting caught in it.”

Bubble glass window is one of a number of glass windows found at Sydney nightclubs and bars A bouncer in Sydney said he thought he was one of those lucky ones when a glass had popped out of a glass in a bar.

But then a second bouncer came and the glass window had disappeared, he said.

It was a bit surreal, he thought.

“I was a little bit surprised at first, but when you’re getting hit with the bouncer you can’t take it seriously, you just think ‘yeah, that’s normal’,” he said of the experience.

The bouncer who hit the glass said it was not the first time he had hit a glass with a bouncers, but said it had been a “good night”.

“It’s funny, the first night I did it and it hit me and my eye just fell out, but it was a good night,” he said, adding he was not worried about the damage.

“They did tell us they were going to throw us out of the bar, but we’re really happy we went down and got the glass out.”

The club said it would offer a refund for those who paid with credit card and had not used the glass.

What you need to know about water damage at Sydney bars and clubs: More to come.

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