When the Crown comes for the glass window

RTE 1/2 title ‘The Glass Window’ to be shown in a new Irish movie article The Glass Window is one of those films which can only be seen in the States, and it’s about to hit Irish cinemas in the next few weeks.

The film, directed by Brian O’Brien, stars Hugh Jackman as an Irish police officer who’s ordered to investigate a glass window that’s been broken and left open for weeks.

A man named Johnny, who works in the glass shop, discovers the window’s been left open with a broken glass and is left in the dark.

The next morning he’s attacked by an Irish mob who are demanding Johnny’s blood, and the police chief and the chief inspector are killed.

After the film opens, you’ll notice the Crown glass window is missing.

RTE 2/2 list title The Crown Glass Window in Irish cinemascope article RTA 1/6 title ‘When the Crown Comes for the Glass Window’: The Crown in Ireland’s Glass Window article The Crown is set in Dublin in the 1970s, when Irish police officers were called in to investigate the theft of a glass car window.

They’re investigating a string of cases in which glass has been broken, and when Johnny comes across an empty window that looks like it might have been broken.

The window has been left wide open for some weeks, and Johnny has to break into it to get it to open again.

The scene is shot in a hotel room and it opens up a whole new world of Irish cinema, with a whole different cast of characters and a whole whole different atmosphere.

In a way, it’s very much about Irish cinema itself.

The story was originally shot in the early 70s in Dublin, but was eventually shot in London, with much of the footage sourced from that city.

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