Cloudy glass window at the Canadian Museum of History: What you need to know about this glass window

With the Canadian military’s ongoing withdrawal from the West African country of Mali, the museum has been forced to close its doors in a bid to ease the strain.

The building was originally designed to house the museum’s collection of glass windows, which include Canadian tanks, guns, cannons and other artifacts.

But the project has been a costly affair.

According to CBC News, the glass windows are “in poor condition” and have been replaced with a glass panel made from steel instead of glass.

The museum has reportedly been receiving around $1 million in annual funding from the federal government, which is also responsible for providing security for the facility.

According, the Canadian government is funding the renovation, and a full-time security guard is set to be hired this month.

The Museum of War and National Heritage has been closed since April.

The Canadian Armed Forces were forced to pull out of the country in mid-February, and the military had previously announced that it would shut down the museum permanently.

The project to replace the glass was funded by a federal fund, the National Historic Site Services Canada.