How to install security glass on a window with no windows

Chicago, IL (AP) Security glass windows with no glass can be a little tricky to install.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Illinois Department of Health and Hospitals says security glass can have a significant impact on the health and safety of employees.

“It’s just one more thing that we have to worry about,” said Jennifer Schmitz, director of the health department’s Office of the Inspector General.

It also adds another layer of complexity to the process.

Inspectors and doctors are required to go through the process of verifying that a glass door and window are safe.

And even if you’re able to secure your own home with a secure security system, it still won’t protect your employees from the glass.

A glass security window can be installed by a licensed and trained person.

Illinois health department inspectors can use a laser or a laser pointer to make sure a window is secure and that it’s not open to the elements.

They can also use thermal imaging or infrared to check for cracks in the glass or cracks in an exterior panel.

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