How to protect your glass from burglary?

It’s not uncommon for glass in your home to break off during a burglary, but it can also lead to damage that can cause your home’s worth to plummet.

The cost of burglarizing your home may vary, depending on the severity of the damage, but if you’re not careful you can end up paying millions.

The CBC’s Robyn Deane explains what you need to know about burglar damage and what you can do to protect yourself.

A broken window can cost up to $5,000 to repair.

If you have glass that needs repair, you can also be held responsible for paying for it.

You can also report glass breakage to the RCMP or the provincial glass inspector if you believe it is the result of a breakage, or to the Insurance Bureau of Canada if you think someone broke into your home.

If the burglar broke into you or your belongings, there are steps you can take to protect them.

If there is a glass window in your residence, you must replace it with one of the following:If the glass has not been broken, the following steps are available to you:If you are burglarized, report the breakage or damage to the Property Maintenance Officer of the Ottawa police service or the police service’s Special Investigations Unit.

You will need to provide your address and telephone number, and provide a description of the item(s) stolen or broken.

The Property Maintenance Office of the Ontario Provincial Police will investigate the matter.

If a glass or glass panel has been damaged, you will need an estimate for the cost of replacement.

If the window has been broken or damaged, the estimated repair cost will be $500.

The provincial glass inspectors can help you find the repair cost for the repair or replacement of glass panels.

You also can report glass or panel damage to either the Insurance Commissioner of Canada or the National Fire Insurance Corporation.

The Insurance Commissioner or NFIC can advise you on the cost and timeframe of repairs or replacements, and you can contact the National Office of Insured Consumers (NOCI) to obtain a quote.

The National Office also has a website,, that can help people get a quote on their insurance premiums.