When a Glass Wall Came Into Focus

When a glass wall came into focus in the mid-1970s, the concept of glass windows in homes was something to behold.

It wasn’t just glass that was being designed to give homes the illusion of an open and natural landscape.

It was glass that could also serve as a natural light source, as well as as a source of insulation.

The glass in the windows of a house has a number of benefits, from helping create a more welcoming and welcoming interior to providing insulation to the house and reducing the energy needed to heat the house.

The glass in your home will provide natural light and an insulation layer that will help keep the room cool.

Glass windows can also provide some additional value to the home by providing a way to give back to the community.

Glass window designs can also help provide some of the energy savings associated with energy-efficient lighting.

The energy saving benefits include not having to heat your home or run the lights.

In this photo from a 1979 window, the glass has been tempered to create an open, open and transparent view, a feature that is very popular today.

The design also serves as an insulation barrier to provide some extra insulation.

The windows are also an economical option to heat homes in a hot climate.

The design also offers an additional way to provide insulation.

From the above window, you can see that the windows are tempered and have been tempered at different depths.

The more intense the heat, the more glass will be used in the construction of the glass.

In addition to providing energy savings, glass windows can be an additional feature to the interior of a home.

They provide a natural environment for plants and animals to thrive, which helps to reduce the amount of pollution that is produced in our cities.

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