Businesses in California are using new glass windows to help combat the virus

Businesses and organizations in California have begun using new windows to combat the devastating coronavirus outbreak.

The new window design, called Glass Dome, is expected to be installed in all California locations by the end of June, according to a release from the California Department of Public Health.

The windows will be used to keep people and workers from catching respiratory illness, said the release.

Glass Dome is one of two glass dormer windows installed in the state to help prevent people from getting the virus.

The other is a double glass window that allows residents to view the outdoors.

California has had a massive outbreak of coronaviruses that has infected more than 7,300 people and killed more than 10,000, according the state Department of Health.

About one-third of California residents are thought to have had exposure to the virus, according Gov.

Gavin Newsom.

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