How a new windowless car works

The company behind the popular Jaguar XE and XJ, Jalousie, has introduced a new concept car for 2016 that has a sliding glass sliding window.

The company claims the concept car will have a new generation of driverless vehicles, which the company says will “be the first to be able to drive autonomously on public roads.”

The company’s website describes the concept as “an innovative new mobility solution for those who have experienced a loss of control, a lack of safety, or a lack and anxiety about being seen by others.”

While the concept is not a fully autonomous car, Jalos are reportedly “one of the most advanced and capable” on the market.

In addition to its new concept, the company has announced that it will also be making a “second generation” of the XE, and “a brand new vehicle in the Jaguar brand.”

We’ll have more on this new Jaguar XJ concept car as we learn more.