How Donald Trump could replace the Obama administration with a Republican president

Trump is facing a critical moment: he’s running against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2020 and must win the presidency in 2020 to keep the Democrats in control of Congress and the White House.

In an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Trump suggested that he’s ready to “re-establish the United States as a beacon of democracy, of freedom and opportunity for people all over the world.”

He said that he’ll work with Democrats to make sure the U.S. doesn’t become “a failed state.”

The president-elect also suggested that if Democrats win the White Senate in 2020, he’d use his “great energy” to get a Republican to replace the president who won reelection in 2020.

“We will do our best to get somebody in the Senate that will be willing to be willing,” Trump said.

When asked if he’d ever talk to Democrats about a possible Trump-Putin summit, the president-Elect said he wouldn’t do so at this time, because he hasn’t discussed it.

Trump also said that while he’d be willing, he hasn to date been approached by Russian President Vladimir Putin and other leaders about a summit.

Trump’s comments came in response to ABC’s Jonathan Karl’s question about whether he would meet with Russian President Vladi­mir Putin at a summit in Moscow.

A few minutes later, Trump went on to say that he’d “love to have Putin” and said he’d talk to Putin “when I get the chance.”

Trump has already met with Putin at the G20 summit in Hamburg in July.

In his interview with ABC, Trump said he wants to discuss a deal with Russia to take in refugees in the U., but added that “we’ve got to have some sort of a deal.”

“You’ve got a country that wants to kill people,” Trump told Karl.

“It’s a country where you have a leader that doesn’t respect the rule of law, a leader who’s a bully.

You’ve got people that go in there and do horrible things.”

Karl asked Trump whether he’d say “absolutely” that he would agree to the deal if Russia agreed to accept refugees, but Trump said that “that would be a great thing.”

“I think we should probably be negotiating a little bit,” Trump replied.

“But it would be nice.

We would love to have Russia, I think we could probably get them to take care of it.”

ABC News’ Jake Sherman, John Bresnahan and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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