How to remove the ‘Riots’ sign on the front door of a house in Maharashtra

A house in a town in Maharashtra has been decorated with red, polished glass windows and a beveled window letter in honour of the riots that swept the state in 1989.

Riot glass windows have been installed in some houses in Alangal, on the outskirts of Kutch, to make the residents feel safer and to help in the investigation of the riot that left more than 2,000 dead.

The windows were installed last week by local residents who wanted to show their solidarity with the families of the deceased, who were burnt alive in the riots.

“The message to the rioters is that they are welcome here, we are not scared, we love you, we want to help you and you will never leave our land,” said one of the residents.

The residents of Alangab, a village in the district of Thane, were also happy with the new decoration.

“The red and polished glass window is a symbolic gesture to show our support to the bereaved family members of the dead, especially after the police had destroyed our village’s only church,” said a resident.