What a sign! Decorative glass window glass chinese style

The window glass in China is being replaced with window glass made from porcelain, the Chinese say.

The country has long sought to be a global leader in the use of glass.

But it has been struggling to catch up with the rapid growth in the domestic production of glass for windows, glass for light fixtures and for outdoor signage.

The government has been trying to make some progress.

In the last decade, the government has invested more than 1 trillion yuan ($2.3 trillion) in its glass manufacturing industry, which includes making glass for glass panels, glass plates and other decorative products, said Liu Qiuqi, the head of the glass industry division at the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

This year, China plans to make 3.2 billion yuan worth of glass panels.

About one-fifth of the world’s glass is made in China, and China is a major supplier to U.S. companies in the glass manufacturing sector.

Liu, who heads the glass engineering and materials research group at the Beijing Institute of Technology, said that China was now looking to be more like the U.K., France and Germany in its use of new glass for its decorative window glass.

The glass for the decorative window window glass window pane is made from three kinds of porcelains, which are hard and flexible like glass.

The glass is then tempered to the desired hardness.

Some glass is also coated in ceramic or resin to help it retain its strength.

The window pane was originally made of a combination of ceramic and glass.

It is made of an alloy of the two materials, the glass pane being made of copper.

In China, window glass has been a key selling point for companies that use it for outdoor signs and signs for outdoor seating.

Chinese firms are now competing against other manufacturers, who are trying to create more durable window glass that will last longer.

Liu said the glass in Chinese window frames is not a very durable material.

“It is very thin, so it is not easy to cut,” he said.

Another challenge for the glass makers in China comes from the quality of the porcelins used to make the glass.

There is a lot of porosity in the porcellos, which make up about 90 percent of the total weight, according to Liu.

While China’s window glass manufacturers have been looking for better glass to replace the porcs in their window frames, some of the Chinese companies are also struggling to produce quality glass.

Glass for outdoor light fixtures is made by two companies, the China-based China Glass Lighting Group and the Taiwanese firm Semiconductor Technology Group.

The companies are competing to make quality outdoor light fixture glass, but they also face competition from the U, UK and France. 

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