What you need to know about glass windows

Some glass windows have a protective coating to protect against rain, snow and hail.

But not all do.

The good news is, there are ways to add that extra layer of protection to any window.


The best windows have glass.

That’s right, glass.

Here’s what you need in a pinch.


Use a window cleaner.

You can make your own by scraping off paint or glass.

But be careful, because it can damage your glass.


Use window blinds.

Many commercial windows have blinds that allow you to see outside.

It’s also great for keeping out dust.


Use tinted glass.

You won’t be able to see inside the window, but you can use a window tint to brighten it up a bit.


Put a window blind.

The more you use, the more you need.

Here are some more tips.


Use two-way mirrors.

If you’re going to be outside for a while, the best way to protect your glass is to have a pair of two-ways mirrors.

These have glass on the outside, so they can block out the sun.


Use reflectors.

These work just as well as blinds, but they also make for a nicer-looking display.


Use windows that are wide enough for you.

Some commercial windows are made to be wide enough to allow you view outside, but not so wide you can see through.


Use an adjustable glass window blind for windows that aren’t wide enough.


Get some reflective material.

Reflective materials can help protect your windows.

These include vinyl, paper, and even metal.

How to install a window pane or window blind: Install a window or window pane by installing two- or three-piece plastic panels, or metal sheets.

Install a reflector in the center of the pane, and then attach a second window pane to the center.