Which is the best colour to put in your mosaic glass?

A simple, yet elegant design for the inside of your window has been created by a Sydney family for the holidays.

The family in New South Wales, who have named their window ‘The Merry Wrecking Ball’, created the window from scratch.

The windows were designed by the family, who had to use a lot of creative ways to get it to look right.

It’s a beautiful way to display a holiday decoration.

“It’s got to be a little bit big for the window, and the window has to be large enough for two people to stand up, so we thought the window should have a little more space,” Mrs Pascall said.

“We put a little window panel on the top to make it look more like a Christmas tree and it’s got a little bow on the bottom, so you can see your friends when you open the window.”

The Merrywrecking ball is the family’s first foray into the decorative arts.

Mrs Pascalls father David said the Merrywrick family are proud to be able to celebrate Christmas in the style of a Merrywrock.

“It looks a bit like a wrecking ball when you first open the door and when you walk through the door it’s like an explosion,” he said.

The window is just over $1,500, and is being sold at a local garage sale.

This window is on display at the Sydney Museum of Art in Melbourne.

(Supplied)Mrs Pascal said the window is a perfect example of an artistic Christmas decoration.

“You know what, it’s pretty funny, but it’s a great idea, it doesn’t take long to get something like that up,” she said.

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