A look at some of the most memorable moments from this year’s NFL season

By JOSH KIDD/APBy JOSH KYLEThe National Football League’s new television deal with Fox and ESPN is generating a lot of buzz.

So much so that a few things are already starting to get noticed:1.

Some of the best quarterbacks of the last decade have become stars on television.2.

There’s a new and powerful class of players on the rise.3.

And some of these players, like Josh Norman, might just be the best in the game.

We’re taking a look at all three topics and more in our series “10 Superstars That Could Make an Impact.”

Here are 10 of them:1) Quarterbacks who could make an impact:The new TV deal is a great thing for the NFL.

And there’s plenty of good news.

But it also offers a few big caveats for those who hope to make a name for themselves as NFL quarterbacks.

Let’s start with the big one: It’s easy to make the argument that the league’s best quarterbacks are all under 30.

It’s not just the ones who are 30 or older, but also those who are just in their 20s.

It has been a big reason why quarterback play is declining.

And, even more importantly, it means that there aren’t many quarterbacks who are going to make their mark as elite quarterbacks.

That said, some of those young quarterbacks could make a huge impact this year, if they stay healthy.

And the one who makes the most of his opportunities will likely be a former college quarterback.

Here are the top 10 players with the best chance to be the next quarterback to make his mark.

Here’s a list of those players:Josh Norman, QB, Carolina PanthersThe Panthers are going into their third season under first-year head coach Ron Rivera, who is now in his fifth year with the team.

Norman has played in seven games as a backup, and has thrown two touchdowns in that time.

He has a better record than his backups and a better chance to win the job.

And he has a big target on his back, as well: Cam Newton.

If Norman can stay healthy and keep throwing passes to Newton, he could have a shot at becoming the first player to lead the NFL in passing yards since Matt Leinart did it in 2010.2) Quarterback prospects with the biggest upside:There are plenty of quarterbacks who have made a lot from their chances in the NFL and have not had a lot to prove.

There are a few quarterbacks who, with their upside, are worth monitoring.

Let’s start at the top.

The quarterback who makes an immediate impact is the former Georgia Tech quarterback, Andrew Luck.

He’s not quite at the level of Ben Roethlisberger, but Luck’s ability to throw with accuracy and accuracy with accuracy, both of which are two things that are becoming more important in the passing game.

And his ability to make big plays and get rid of the ball quickly makes him a dangerous weapon for offenses who are trying to make plays in the short passing game as well as the short pass.3) QB prospects with potential but still have some work to do:There’s a lot more to this list than just players who are older and have been in the league longer.

Let us start with a couple of intriguing quarterbacks who could have their best seasons to date.

Here is a list, in alphabetical order, of those QBs who could be good for a long time in the next couple of years.4) Running backs who could become great receivers:Running backs are one of the hardest things to draft.

There is a lot going on with the position, and with the way things are going with the league right now, there is more talent than ever.

But, in order to be successful, the running back position has to be balanced.

And it doesn’t hurt that there are a lot who can get the job done.

The first to emerge is Adrian Peterson, who could help turn a bad year into a good one.

Peterson, 31, has been the running backs’ number one target for the past two years, and his big play ability could help teams get to the next level.

The Packers could be looking at a big season for him this year.5) QBs that could help with defense:The defense is in good hands with the new television deals.

The league is finally starting to embrace the concepts of man-to-man defense.

That means teams like the Cowboys and Vikings are taking more chances to play the man.

And with a new TV partnership with Fox, they’re starting to put more emphasis on playing defense.

And one of those more common roles is that of a pass-rusher.

Here were the top 15 pass-rushing players in the past three seasons:1.)

Safety Justin Durant, Buffalo Bills2.)

CB Kyle Fuller, Houston Texans3.)

Safety Antoine Bethea, Indianapolis Colts4.)

LB Dontari Poe, Dallas Cowboys5