How a ‘white savior’ and ‘Black Messiah’ helped bring Donald Trump to power

A ‘white supremacist’ who helped Donald Trump win the 2016 US presidential election is claiming that “a Black Messiah” had been in contact with the candidate, who was “already anointed” by God to lead America and was therefore needed in the White House.

The Trump administration on Wednesday announced that its nominee, former Governor Mike Pence, was chosen by the evangelical Christian pastor Gary Bauer, a prominent Trump surrogate and pastor at the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Nashville.

Bauer has previously been identified as a Trump campaign adviser.

He has also written a book called “A Nation Under God,” a Christian theology series which has been described as “a blueprint for white supremacy.”

Bauer, who is also the founder of the anti-LGBT evangelical movement Focus on the Family, said he had a “personal relationship” with Pence.

“The president said that Mike Pence was his favorite governor,” Bauer told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Thursday.

“I told him, ‘You know, I’ve known Mike Pence for 20 years.

He was also a believer in the Black Messiah, so it’s pretty obvious that he’s not just a follower of some sort of white supremacist, but the Black-Jewish Messiah,” Bauer said. “

Bauer went on to say that Pence “never had a bad word to say about Donald Trump,” and that Pence was “anointed to lead the United States” by the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The appointment was met with condemnation from the Christian right, which slammed the move as a sign of the country’s “deep divisions.”””

He’s anointed to come and help America be saved.”

The appointment was met with condemnation from the Christian right, which slammed the move as a sign of the country’s “deep divisions.”

“The appointment of the first Black president of the United State, a person who was anointed by the God of Israel to be the leader of the nation and the president of this great nation, is not only deeply concerning, it is a sign that the United Sates spiritual leader, the God-given sovereign of this land, is no longer the one true God, and is a Black man,” Rev. Dr. Mark Burns, executive director of the Southern Baptist Convention, said in a statement.

“President Trump has a responsibility to address the racism and bigotry that has been so prevalent in this country, and to ensure that all Americans can feel safe in their daily lives and that they have equal rights under the law.”

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