How to Buy a Pair of Southport Glass Window Frames

The Southport glass window frame business has thrived for decades in New York City.

But as the recession deepens, the glass window industry is losing its popularity.

Some retailers are closing, others are selling their stock and others are raising prices. 

Southport Glass has experienced its worst downturn in its 40-year history. 

 “This is a real pain in the ass, because Southport is the number one glass window retailer in the country,” said Gary O’Connor, executive vice president of Southpont Glass.

“I’ve seen people go from the number four seller to the number three seller in a matter of days.” 

The downturn is affecting both the company’s stock and the value of its inventory, which has shrunk by nearly $200 million over the past 12 months, according to the company. 

The Southponsa glass company is one of the top three glass window retailers in the U.S. with over 1,300 outlets, including some that sell only in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The company also has branches in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and California. 

But Southporth has struggled to compete with the rest of the industry.

“We don’t have a lot of customers,” said Mr. O’Connell.

“That’s one of our challenges.” 

In recent months, the company has been forced to make changes to its business strategy, including cutting back on the number of employees and moving production to South Florida. 

Its stock has also fallen nearly 70% in the past year.

The price of SouthPorth shares has also dropped as much as 70%. 

 Mr. O”Connell said the company needs to grow its customer base and get more people working in its stores. 

“We’ve had to cut a lot,” he said.

“But we have to do it again.” 

A Southpork window with a fake back, fake front, and fake side is seen at a Southpon store in New Brunswick, N.J. Photo by Kevin Sullivan The company also plans to increase the number it hires, but is unsure when that will happen. 

It plans to open another Southpenny store in Pennsylvania, Mr. Osborn said, but it is not sure when that might happen.

The company has a variety of products, including the popular fake backs, fake fronts, fake sides and fake back panels that make up many of the Southporks, which are available in a variety that include faux metal, faux plastic and faux wood. 

Mr O”Connor said he believes Southports glass windows can compete with other brands.

“There’s going to be a lot more competition in Southport,” he explained. 

He also noted that Southpours glass windows are designed to fit in with other types of window frames, like those for doors. 

In New Jersey, the Southport window frame company was once the largest glass window company in the world.

But it has since been eclipsed by competitors like Kinkos, which sells thousands of South Ponsys and Kinko Senses.

Mr. Osbecks father, Steve Osbecke, is the president and CEO of Kinkys, a glass window store chain in New England that opened in 2004 and now has more than 1,800 stores.