How to save $100 in the glass market

A new glass manufacturing business in China that has raised $100,000 to help a company’s glass products is giving some investors a bit of an insight into what it takes to make the glass they want to buy.

The company called Glass Artesia Glass, which was founded by Chinese immigrant Wang Jianlin, was founded in 2015 in Chengdu, a city in southern China.

It is one of several glass manufacturers in the region, and according to the company’s website, its products are “made in a Chinese glass factory using the latest in glass technology.”

In a video that went viral on Chinese social media on Thursday, Wang Jianlen said that the company would be making glass products for “the new generation” of Chinese glass makers who were “taking their careers to the next level.”

He then added that the factory was “growing” and had about 10 employees and that the new glass products were “just getting started.”

In the video, Wang says that the workers at the glass factory are mostly young people.

The business is growing and has about 10 workers, he said.

We’re just getting started.

We have an amazing team of people, he told the crowd.

I’m excited about the future of Glass Artusesia Glass.

We’ve got a lot of work to do and I’m sure we can accomplish it, he added.

Glass Artesias products are made using a new type of glass, called Tungsten.

Glass artesias are used in many products, including computer monitors, video games consoles, smartphones and computers, and in the new iPhone 7 smartphone.

The glass products have also been used to make many kinds of glass for glass-cutting tools, including for the construction of windows and for windows and glass walls in restaurants, hotel rooms, and retail stores.

Wang said the company was currently looking to sell its glass products in China, but that it planned to launch a joint venture with an Australian company.

Wong said the partnership would be led by the company called A&D Glass, a subsidiary of A&G, which manufactures glass in China.

Winkler’s business in the UK is also growing, he noted, adding that the UK Glass Company is already in talks with the company about opening a store in the country.

Glass is also being used in the construction industry, where the technology is used in building windows and in buildings for roofing and interior decoration.