How to avoid the smoke inside your window glass

If you’ve ever seen smoke in your windows or kitchen windows, chances are you’ve been exposed to some kind of smoke, but if you’re just getting started, there are plenty of ways to minimize exposure to harmful pollutants.

Window glass, for example, is one of the most common sources of smoke-related pollution, according to a survey released Monday by the World Health Organization (WHO).

And while most of us have heard of the dangers of smoke from cars, trucks, and airplanes, most of our windows have no such safety measures in place. 

In a bid to help you protect your home from the harmful pollutants emitted by your home, here are six tips to help make your windows a smoke-free place.1.

Keep it clear from windows The smoke coming out of your window can be very damaging to your health. 

It can cause serious respiratory diseases, including bronchitis, emphysema, and lung cancer. 

According to the World Cancer Research Fund, a cigarette is the fifth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the world. 

The smoke from a burning car can also cause burns and irritation, so you may want to remove your window curtains, doors, and other barriers to prevent that from happening.2.

Use a window-smoke filterIf you have a window with a window curtain, a curtain screen, or a glass screen, it is a good idea to get a smoke filter.

This will help filter out smoke so you can breathe in it and out.

You can also use a filter that you’ve purchased online, or make your own. 


Make sure you are not smoking in your homeIf you smoke outside of your home or office, be sure to remove all combustible materials before you put them in your window.

This includes all combustibles that could cause fires.

Make an effort to use a smoke screen to block out smoke. 


Don’t use an aerosol filterThe aerosol filters used for home construction, commercial buildings, and even residential buildings can also produce harmful levels of smoke.

These filters can make you more exposed to smoke.

For example, if you have an old aerosol box that you have to clean every time you open it, or if you live in an apartment that is usually not ventilated, this is not a good place to use an older aerosol device.


Install a smoke barrierIn most cases, the best way to reduce the number of smoke particles entering your home is to install a smoke wall.

This is a metal mesh that covers the entire exterior of your house and prevents air from escaping through the windows.

This prevents the smoke from spreading through the air. 

However, the smoke wall is not the only option for reducing the number and amount of smoke entering your house.

A fire-resistant window-screen barrier can also be used to prevent smoke from reaching your home.

If you choose to install this barrier, it should also be installed on your exterior. 


Be sure to check for hazardous pollutants at your doorIf you notice smoke coming from the inside of your door, it could be a sign that there are hazardous pollutants inside.

You could also be in danger of breathing in harmful pollutants if you don’t get a good smoke screen.

You may want some of these tips to keep your home a smoke free place.