Why Trump won’t go down in history as the guy who created the new glass window

Trump’s first glass window was a wooden one with a wooden handle.

It served as a temporary shelter during the storm and later served as the centerpiece of his White House.

But in the years since, he’s turned his attention to building a new, glass window.

He has commissioned two glass window designs.

The first, which Trump signed off on in late 2016, features an electric blue glass window that appears to have a steel frame.

The other design, created by an American artist named Christopher D. Rizzo, features a glass window on a metal frame that is made of carbon fiber.

The glass window appears to be made of a transparent material that is reflective and transparent, and Rizza says it is supposed to create a kind of “stark contrast” between the two forms.

Rizos glass window is on display at the Art Institute of Chicago and at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.

(He has also created a glass sculpture of the president that has been on display in the White House since November 2016.)

A White House spokesperson declined to comment on whether the new windows will be part of the Trump administration’s new glass installation, but the spokesperson did say that the president was very much looking forward to it.

“He has been looking forward for the inauguration and for the glass windows to be part, in some sense, of that inauguration,” the spokesperson said.

“There’s a lot of anticipation around this particular piece, but it’s something that’s really a culmination of what’s going on.”

The White House has made some changes to its existing glass windows as well.

In late 2018, Trump signed a deal with the glass window industry to make the window stronger, more durable and able to withstand the elements.

And in early 2019, the Trump family signed a memorandum of understanding with the Glass Window Industry to help promote glass windows in the United States.